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BMHRI and Tongling Municipal Goverment Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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  Recently, Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co., Ltd. (BMHRI) and Tongling Municipal Goverment of Anhui Province signed a strategic cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, BMHRI will cooperate with Tongling Market Supervision Administration, the Industry and Information Administration and other departments to provide a package of services such as project planning and design, complete technical equipment, project construction management and technical training of staff for mine rehabilitation and tailings processing, based on the National Demonstration Platform for the Public Service of SMEs to take advantages of R & D of equipment, project contracting and integration of resources.

  BMHRI will take the signing of the agreement as an opportunity to help small and medium-sized enterprises which have been strongly affected by the epidemic to overcome the difficulties, and will fulfill the the mission of Developing SINOMACH’s Talent to Serve the Nation.

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