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CAMCE was rated as an A-level enterprise in the foreign contracted engineering industry in 2020

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At the 2020 China Foreign Contracted Project Development Forum, the China Association of Foreign Contracted Engineering released the list of A-level enterprises for foreign contracted projects in 2020 and CAMCE was rated as an A-level enterprise. The selection is based on the Framework Standards for Foreign Contracted Project Enterprises (Industry Standards), which comprehensively considers the performance, experience, strength, credit rating and domestic professional qualifications of companies implementing projects overseas, and is reviewed and determined by the Industry Rules Committee of the Contractor Association. 77 companies were rated as A-level companies.

The International Contractors Association will use the above list as an important basis for foreign exchanges and recommending companies. It will also actively recommend to domestic and international government departments, financial institutions and owners. The selection will provide more development opportunities for members with excellent performance and good credit.





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