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CAMCE won the commendation for outstanding works in the SINOMACH 2020 Impression of SINOMACH·Anti-epidemic Online Exhibition of Staff Painting, Calligraphy, Seal Cutting, and Photography

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  At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of COVID-19 affected everyone. In order to inspire the courage of employees to overcome the difficulties, gather the strong spiritual force to fight the epidemic, and add energy to the final victory of the fight against the epidemic, SINOMACH held the Impression of SINOMACH · Anti-epidemic Online Exhibition of Staff Painting, Seal Cutting and Photography. 

  In this event, the Labor Union of CAMCE meticulously organized and mobilized extensively. The majority of employees of CAMCE closely followed the theme, thought deeply, and actively created from different aspects and angles, which showed SINOMACH staff members’ spirit of being active, brave to be the vanguard, and overcoming difficulties and demonstrated the unique warmth on the battlefield against the epidemic and expressed the unparalleled trust and strong support for the powerful forces of the motherland in fighting the epidemic. After multiple rounds of selection, SINOMACH selected 150 outstanding pieces of works from more than 400 works. A total of 10 outstanding pieces by CAMCE and its subsidiaries were commended. The list of outstanding works is as follows: 

  Outstanding pieces: 

Salute to the healthcare staff, China IPPR, Hu Zhigang

Fight against COVID-19 epidemic, China IPPR, Yuanlin

Huang Xiqiu, China IPPR, Zhang Ning 

SINOMACH expertise to serve the needs of the country, China IPPR, Zhu Xuan


The bravest fighters, China IPPR, Sun Guangda

Responsibilities, China IPPR, Guo Huijun

Health report, China IPPR, Hong Yi

Overcome difficulties side by side, CAMCE,Ge Xinjun

Calligraphy pieces, China IPPR, Tang Xiaodan

Warm Spring with blossom, China IPPR, Sun Guangda

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