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Wang Bo paid a visit to Fang Qiuchen, Chairman of CHINCA

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  On the afternoon of September 4, 2020, Wang Bo, General Manager of SINOMACH Engineering Group and Chairman of CAMCE, visited Fang Qiuchen, Chairman of China International Contractors Association (CHINCA). Zhang Yu, Director of SINOMACH Engineering Management Department and Deputy General Manager of SINOMACH Engineering Group, and Liu Shengcheng, Deputy General Manager of CAMCE attended the meeting. 

  During the meeting, Wang Bo presented the various works carried out by SINOMACH and CAMCE to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic and promote the resumption of work in an orderly manner, expressed his gratitude to CHINCA for the support and assistance given to SINOMACH’s engineering sector and the members of the SINOMACH engineering group over the years. In recent years, CHINCA has followed the institutional reform, constantly be in line with international standards, led the development of the industry, and continuously improved its service capabilities to member companies, thereby strengthening the cohesion of the industry. SINOMACH Engineering Group and CAMCE are willing to forge the advantages of SINOMACH to meet the needs of the country under the leadership of CHINCA, jointly meet the challenges of future development, and promote the industry to take the path of high-quality development. 

  Zhang Yu said that the cooperation between the two sides has become increasingly close in recent years, and CHINCA has given a lot of advice and attention to the development of SINOMACH’s engineering sector. He hoped that CHINCA would continue to support SINOMACH’s business. 

  On behalf of CHINCA, Fang Qiuchen welcomed the visit of Wang Bo's delegation. He said that the work of CHINCA was inseparable from the support of member companies, and he has always been grateful to SINOMACH and CAMCE for their continued support to CHINCA. SINOMACH is a large-scale international company ranked among the world's top 500 companies. The establishment of SINOMACH Engineering Group is in line with the new development pattern of circulation between domestic and international, reflecting the forward-looking strategic disposition of SINOMACH's leadership and the great importance attached to the engineering sector. 

  At the meeting, the two sides also exchanged views on issues of the future economic development situation, the development trend of the engineering industry, the industry self-discipline of CHINCA, industrial research, training, CHINCA activities and personnel insurance. 

  Zhang Xiang, General Secretary of CHINCA, Yao Danbo, Deputy General Secretary and Director of Engineering and Investment Department of CHINCA, Shang Shengping, Director of Strategy and Consulting Department of CHINCA, Zhang Yi, Strategy and Consulting Department of CHINCA, Fu Yongsheng, Director of CAMCE Strategic Development Department attended the meeting. 

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