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"Hospital architects should serve the people" -Huang Xiqiu, Excellent Individual in the Nation's Fight against Covid-19 and Outstanding Member of the CCP

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  On September 8, 2020, the National Commendation Conference for Fighting against Covid-19 was held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Huang Xiqiu, the Chief Architect of China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd. ,a subsidiary of CAMCE,won the titles of Excellent Individual in the national fight against Covid-19 and Outstanding Member of the PCC. 

  As a spiritual model of SINOMACH, Huang Xiqiu has dedicated himself to the national medical construction cause for decades. Dr. Huang Xiqiu, a 79-year-old national expert in engineering survey and design, has a special identity - the Chief Designer of Xiaotangshan SARS Hospital. In early 2020, as the Covid-19 raged, Huang Xiqiu wrote a request letter immediately, led the team to quickly organized all the drawings of Xiaotangshan SARS Hospital, and sent them to the design team in Wuhan, saving precious time for the rapid construction of Huoshenshan hospital. He practiced the concept that people and life matters most with practical actions. 

  In view of the higher requirements of Covid-19 for emergency medical facilities in China, during the Spring Festival, Huang Xiqiu led the technical experts team to work day and night, and successively developed a series of technical guidance documents on the design of emergency hospitals to provide technical routes and regulations to the rapid construction of emergency medical facilities across the country, which ensured the construction quality. He had once again written the initial commitment and mission of a medical architect on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. 


  As a leading figure in the planning and design of hospital architecture in China, since he began to work 45 years ago, Huang Xiqiu has participated in the design and guidance of more than 200 hospitals. The yellowed hand-painted design drawings not only witnessed the development of China, but also recorded the advancement of hospital architectures in China. At the early era of reform and opening-up, China's general medical level was far behind that of developed countries, and the concept of medical building design was also not advanced. The design plans he submitted to hospitals were often not understood and adopted by the owners because “the design concept was too advanced”. However, Huang Xiqiu never backed down.He insisted on going to the field and got personally involved in the design work. At the same time, he had seriously sought advice, studied and discussed the work procedure of hospitals, and sought opportunities to combine advanced foreign concepts with domestic medical buildings according to local conditions, and had gradually explored a new path for the design of medical buildings adapted to the national conditions of China. 


  In recent years, under the influence and leadership of Huang Xiqiu,China IPPR has made continuous efforts to improve the medical condition of China, provided consulting, design and other engineering construction services to more than 600 domestic and foreign hospitals, which contributes the plan, the wisdom and the strength of SINOMACH to the continuous improvement of China's medical environment and service level. 

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