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BMHRI of CAMCE was recognized as the first batch of AAA grade credit enterprises in China's heavy machinery industry

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  Recently, the first batch of AAA-grade enterprise awarding ceremony sponsored by China Heavy Machinery Industry Association was held in Henan Province. Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute of CAMCE was successfully recognized as the first batch of AAA grade credit enterprises in China's heavy machinery industry.

  For a long time, BMHRI has been committed to maintaining market order in the heavy machinery industry, focusing on enhancing corporate credit awareness,  competitiveness and influence, promoting the sustainable, harmonious and healthy development of enterprises, and taking product quality, service, and social responsibility as the important driving force of corporate quality development.

  In the future, BMHRI will give full play to the intangible asset advantages of the  AAA Grade Credit Enterprise as an important productivity and competitiveness, strengthen cooperation with partners from all walks of life, and jointly create a trustworthy society.

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