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Hua Jingbin, Director of Changchun New District Management Committee, Visited CAMCE

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  On the morning of October 29, 2020, Hua Jingbin, Director of Changchun New District Management Committee, led a delegation to visit CAMCE, which was received by Chairman Wang Bo and General Manager Wang Yuhang. Yang Dong, Assistant to General NManager and Head of the Financing Department, attended the meeting. 

  During the meeting, Wang Bo welcomed Hua Jingbin's delegation, and expressed his gratitude to the Changchun New District Administration for their attention and positive response to CAMCE's cooperation projects. Wang Bo briefly presented the recent cooperation and interaction between SINOMACH and Jilin Province, as well as the development of CAMCE in the fields of EPC, design consulting and manufacturing of ropeways and logistics equipment. 

  Hua Jingbin introduced the overview and development positioning of Changchun New District and expressed his desire to actively cooperate with CAMCE in areas such as biomass energy, industrial parks and ropeways. 

  The two sides agreed that they would take the opportunity of the signing of a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement between SINOMACH and Jilin Province in September this year to implement various cooperation projects as soon as possible. 

  Before the meeting, Hua Jingbin visited the SINOMACH exhibition hall. 

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