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Zhou Shangzhi, Deputy General Manager of SINOSURE Business No.1 Department, Visited China IPPR

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  On the afternoon of November 17, 2020, Zhou Shangzhi, Deputy General Manager of No.1 Business Department of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) visited China IPPR. Wang Bo, Chairman of CAMCE, and Ding Jian, Chairman of China IPPR, received the delegation. Liu Shengcheng, Deputy General Manager of CAMCE, Yang Dong, Assistant to General Manager of CAMCE, Zhang Tongyi, General Manager of China IPPR and Zhang Ri, Deputy General Manager of China IPPR, attended the meeting and made exchanges.

  At the meeting, Ding Jian first welcomed Zhou Shangzhi's delegation on behalf of China IPPR. Zhang Tongyi gave a comprehensive and systematic introduction to the development history, business model, achievements and representative projects of China IPPR.

  Zhou Shangzhi said that China IPPR has clear advantages in the field of design and consultancy, who especially helped the fight against the epidemic this year. He hopes that China IPPR will be the design leader and continually improve its resource integration capabilities. SINOSURE will provide better services for going global of CAMCE and China IPPR, and help China IPPR achieve greater success in the post-epidemic era.

  Wang Bo gave a summary speech and thanked SINOSURE for its long-term strong support and professional advice to CAMCE and China IPPR. He said that China IPPR will maintain its advantages in the medical construction field while expanding its market channels and fully play its leadership in design and consultancy to drive turnkey business. He hopes the two sides will further strengthen cooperation, promote innovation of business models and achieve high-quality development.

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