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CAMCE held a review meeting for the establishment of international science, technology and innovation cooperation project between the Chinese and Finnish governments

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  On the morning of November 23, CAMCE held a review meeting for international science, technology and innovation cooperation project between the Chinese and Finnish governments. Wang Yuhang, General Manager of CAMCE, attended the meeting which  was chaired by Li Haixin, Deputy General Manager of CAMCE.Heads and relevant personnel of functional departments and subsidiaries attended the meeting.

  The meeting reviewed the two scientific research projects. Hong Hao, General Manager of CAMCE's Technology Quality Department, and Liu Wusheng, Assistant to the General Manager of BMHRI, reported on the baseline situation and preparation of the statement.

  The participants made questions and discussion with focus on innovation, economic benefits, risks and promotion of the application value of scientific research projects, combining the development situation of production and operation.

  Li Haixin said that the application of the two scientific research projects was of great importance to CAMCE. All parties should make full use of its own advantages, integrate resources and accelerate the implementation of foreign technologies in China. Wang Yuhang stressed the need to fully recognize the importance and urgency of vigorously promoting scientific and technological innovation, and make every efforts to meet the demands of creating new situation of SINOMACH scientific and technological innovation.

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