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CCTV News Chanel and Spanish Chanel Report CAMCE Venezuela El Vigia Power Plant Project

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CCTV 13 News Chanel and CCTV Espanol Spanish Chanel reported about CAMCE Venezuela El Vigia power plant project’s successful grid connection titled Venezuelan government seek dual means to solve power shortage.

    The report said: in 2010 and 2012, to solve the power shortage problem, Venezuelan National Power Company and China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd signed two contracts to build an oil and gas bifuel turbine combined cycle power plant in El Vigia City, Merida State of Venezuela. On August 15, the project officially announced its successful grid connection of its first generator set. The two turbines’ combined cycle would be completed in 2014, reaching its installed capacity of 560MW, which would benefit more than 160 thousand families in western regions of Venezuela. The report highly praised the positive role CAMCE played by constructing the El Vigia power plant project in solving the power shortage problem faced by Venezuela.



     Chinese version by CCTV 13:

    Spanish version by CCTV Espanol:



    Word version(Spanish):



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