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Belarus Capital TV Reported the Interview on Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan and the China-Belarus Industrial Park Project

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September 6, 2015, Belarus Capital Television in "Weekly Events" column specially reported "Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko's visit to China ".Chairman of CAMCE Luo Yan was accepted an interview in the special report. 

The report details the comprehensive cooperation between two countries in the political, economic, scientific and technological, cultural and other fields. As the representatives of Chinese enterprises in the dialogue on economic cooperation, CAMCE is actively promoting the largest economic cooperation project between two countries - the China-Belarus Industrial Park project. Chairman Luo Yan said in the interview that Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko inspected the China-Belarus Industrial Park with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and very cordial concerned the project staff. She also  expressed gratitude to Belarus President and the government who have given strong support to CAMCE. Belarus has developed rapidly in recent years, the people are also very friendly. We hope that CAMCE can continue to participate in the construction of Belarus, and contribute it's strengh in the economic development of Belarus. 

After the report aired, the audience in Belarus have a further understanding on CAMCE, and it further improves the brand influence of CAMCE and China-Belarus Industrial Park. 





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