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Projects Undertaken by CAMCE Covered by CCTV and Ecuador’s Local Media

By: From: 澳门新葡亰最新地址 Posted: 2016-07-06 13:35:00 FontSize: BIG MIDDLE SMALL

    Chinese World of CCTV International Chinese Channel reported Ecuador President Rafael Correa’s inspection on Portoviejo Hospital Project undertaken by CAMCE on 30th, June 2016 local time, and appraised CAMCE for its quick resumption to normal construction after the “4.16” earthquake.


    The local mainstream media Commercial News covered Ecuador Government Financial Management Platform Project undertaken by CAMCE on its front-page headlines on 29th, June 2016 local time. The article states that the project is right on schedule and will become a landmark building in Ecuador’s capital.


    The report shows the projects undertaken by CAMCE in Ecuador attract much attention, and the sound project implementation and performance enhanced CAMCE’s image and reputation in Ecuador.  

Video Link of Chinese World of CCTV International Chinese Channel:http://tv.cntv.cn/video/C17604/1e48256ec0a24d0c8eaf951f98cd13ae  


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