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Philanthropic Act of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) and CAMCE (China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd.) Donation Covered by Mainstream Media of Belarus

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After donation to Minsk State Government for Belarus’ thunderstorm-affected areas by SINOMACH and CAMCE, an intensive coverage was conducted by the mainstream media of Belarus.

On 18th July 2016, News Agency of Belarus published an article of $150,000 Granted to Minsk State for its Post-disaster Reconstruction Efforts from SINOMACH and CAMCE. The article reads “As state-owned enterprises, both SINOMACH and CAMCE deem their duty to support the brotherly state and its people, and are willing to make their due contribution to the relief efforts.”




SINOMACH and CAMCE provided assistance in the first time for the storm-hit areas of Belarus, actively engaged in the disaster-relief efforts and made donation to Minsk State-the worst-hit area, covered by Belarus CCTV Channel 1 and Capital TV. Governor of Minsk State says “our Chinese friends offer us help in the first time when we facing difficulty, the contributory $150,000 will be used in the disaster relief efforts of Minsk Oblast.

Li Jinwei, Chief Representative of CAMCE to Belarus, said in an interview “Entrusted by SINOMACH Chairman Ren Hongbin and CAMCE Chairman Luo Yan, I submitted the Consolation Letter from Chairman Ren and Chairman Luo to Governor Shapiro , our leaders of SINOMACH and CAMCE are deeply concerned with Belarus’ afflicted-areas and donated $100,000 and $50,000 to Minsk State respectively to support Belarus’ reconstruction after the calamity and help its people to resume their normal life as soon as possible.


CAMCE Representatives Attending Minsk State Government’s Rescue and Relief Efforts Meeting and Submitting the Consolation Letter to its Governor 

Consolation Letters to Minsk State Government from SINOMACH Chairman Ren Hongbin and CAMCE Chairman Luo Yan


Media Interview of Lin Jiwei, Chief Representative of CAMCE to Belarus


Article Link of Belarus News Agency

Video Link of Belarus CCTV Channel 1

Video Link of Belarus Capital TV



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