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CCTV Full-length Documentary The Belt and Road Airing China-Belarus Industrial Park and Mongolia’s Zamyn-Uud Infrastructure Improvement Project

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    On the evening of 7th, September 2016, CCTV-1 aired the full-length documentary The Belt and Road, in which China-Belarus Industrial Park and Mongolia’s Zamyn-Uud Infrastructure Improvement Project constructed by CAMCE were introduced, and a full range of shooting of the project site was made. In addition, the program interviewed the project staff and underlined the significance upon completion of these projects.

 In the chapter of China-Belarus Industrial Park, the program starts with the importance attached to China-Belarus Industrial Park by Belarus government, and its preferential policy, traffic regional advantages and future planning were covered. The historical moment of President Xi Jinping inspecting the Park in accompany of Belarus President Alexander Lukaschenko was recorded, and the instructions of President Xi Jinping to make the Park a pearl of Silk Road Economic Belt and a model of mutually-beneficial cooperation were highlighted. Furthermore, an exclusive interview of President Alexander Lukaschenko was included in the program.


    In the chapter of Mongolia’s Zamyn-Uud Infrastructure Improvement Project, the program starts with introduction of backwardness of Zamyn-Uud, such as no clean drinking water, no electricity, and no heating facilities, so completion of the project will be much more significant in improving local people’s life. The program interviewed staff of CAMCE continuing to work in Gobi desert below minus 20 degrees Celsius, whose hearts connected with local people’s sufferings and their spirit of devotion and hard working is truly touching.

Video URL:http://tv.cctv.com/2016/09/08/VIDER7vnVG1uB4QAxfgUkHV1160908.shtml 


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