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The President of Uganda inspected the Uganda Industrial Park Transmission and Transformation Project undertaken by CAMCE

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   On December 28, 2020, Ugandan President Museveni visited the Mukono Substation of the Uganda Industrial Park Transmission and Transformation Project undertaken by CAMCE, and cut the ribbon for the 132kV/33kV Mukono Substation. The implementation of the project has promoted China-Uganda economic and trade cooperation, and brought economic and social benefits. 

  Ugandan President Museveni visited Mukono Substation 

  Ugandan President Museveni cut the ribbon for the substation  

  The scope of the Uganda Industrial Park transmission and transformation project includes four new substations and supporting transmission lines. The owners of the four substations have issued completion certificates. Among them, the Mukono Substation was completed in July 2019 and has been successfully transmitted and operated so far. The power transmission commissioning of the Namanvi Substation and the last line section is under construction. 

  The President affirmed the influence of the Uganda Industrial Park power transmission and transformation project on Uganda's industrialization and said that the substation is part of Uganda's development and reform plan. The Ugandan local newspaper New vision reported on the visit of the President. 

   Yan Guoliang and Song Li of CAMCE Uganda Industrial Park Transmission and Transformation Project participated in the above activities. 

  Uganda local newspaper New Vision reported the President's visit 


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