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CAMCE Annual Work Conference of 2021 Was held

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  On January 18, CAMCE Annual Work Conference was held in a combination of on-site and video, with the main venue located at the China IPPR Auditorium. Wang Bo, Chairman of CAMCE, Ding Jian, Chairman of China IPPR, Wang Yuhang, General Manager of CAMCE, senior management of CAMCE in Beijing, members of the First Supervisory Board of SINOMACH, external directors and middle managers of CAMCE, overseas representatives and employee representatives, as well as senior management from subsidiaries such as China IPPR and BMHRI attended the conference,which was chaired by Zhang Tongyi, General manager of China IPPR. 

  Ding Jian conveyed the main points of SINOMACH’s 2021 work conference, focusing on spreading the general idea of reform and development of SINOMACH during the 14th Five-Year Plan, as well as business goals and key reform and development tasks in 2021. 

  Wang Yuhang presented the annual working report titled Proactive pursuit of change, collaborative innovation and accelerating the construction of a new high-quality development landscape. The report pointed out that in 2020, faced with the severe and complex external environment and the sudden impact of COVID-19, CAMCE resisted the pressure, sought opportunities in the crisis, fulfilled actively the mission of the central enterprise, and coordinated the promotion of epidemic prevention and control, as well as production and operation. Achievements have been made in all aspects of the work. The report also made arrangements for company’s operation in 2021. 

  Wang Bo delivered a speech titled Consolidating Ideological Consensus, Building Confidence and Striving to Begin the New Journey of the 14th Five-Year Plan in which he analyzed and judged the new situation, new challenges and new opportunities confronted by CAMCE, and presented the ideas of development of the 14th  Five-Year Plan, and made specific arrangements for optimizing the strategic layout, deepening the reform of the system and mechanism, strengthening the construction of the management team, and reshaping the corporate culture.    

  Wang Bo pointed out that during the 14th Five-Year Plan, CAMCE will adhere to the strategic positioning of becoming a full value-chain engineering service provider with international competitiveness that integrates science, industry and trade, base itself on the new stage of development, implement the new development concept and serve the construction of a new dual-cycle development landscape. All CAMCE employees must dialectically understand the relationship between opportunities and challenges, be optimistic and resist the downwards trend. Wang Bo called on all employees to share the same desires and unite their efforts to overcome difficulties and regularly promote various key tasks. He also said that everyone should be the doer and promoter of the second entrepreneurship to create history with efforts and achieve the future with hard work. Finally, on behalf of the company's management, Wang Bo announced 2021 as the Year of Integrated Development.


  The commendation list of 2020 was also announced during the conference.


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  • CAMCE WHU Design & Research Co.,LTD
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