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Special Coverage on CAMCE's 400,000t/a Bleached Kraft Pulp Plant Project in Belarus by Belarus State Television

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  Channel 1 of Belarus State Television featured pilot production of CAMCE's 400,000t/a Bleached Kraft Pulp Plant Project in Belarus, and spoke highly of the economic and social benefits it brought along for Belarus on 15 th , August 2018.  

  After interviews of common people of Belarus, its Project Manager, main equipment supplier Andritz, Project Employer and some of government officials of Belarus, the coverage demonstrated the great efforts made to ensure the continuous and steady production by the project team. "The pulp mill purely processes Belarus's own logs, which not only increases tax revenue and people's income, creates more jobs, but also solves the problem of import substitution to maintain a favorable foreign trade surplus", said by Yury Kruk in the interview.

  As one of the projects enjoying President Lukashenko's high attention, the broadcast of the special coverage confirmed its achievements and further enhanced CAMCE's corporate brand image.





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