Power Projects

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    El Vigia Combined Cycle Power Plant and Transmission Line Project in Venezuela

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    The Expansion Project of Central-Western Transmission Line System Associated to Cojedes State in Venezuela

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    Electricity Network Reinforcement and Expansion Project Transmission and Substation Rehabilitation Upgrading Componet for Six Substations in Ethiopia

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    400kV Substation and Power Transmission Line Project in Ethiopia

  • Power Distribution System Modernization & Strengthening Project in Kenya

  • Kenya Power Transmission System Improvement Project LOT3A&LOT3B

  • Supply of Turbogerators for Ethanol Plants Project in Venezuela

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    Sancti Spiritus 200kV Substation Project in Cuba

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    Moa 220kV Substation Project in Cuba

  • 11MW Hydropower Project in Taishir, Mongolia

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    San Jose-Angat 115kV Transmission Line Project in the Philippines

  • Dedicated Power Plant of Alkali Works in India

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    Supply of Transformers in Ethiopia


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