Industrial Projects

  • Sugar Industry
  • Forestry, Pulp and Paper industries
  • Textile
  • Machinery
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Building Materials
  • 埃塞俄比亚瓦尔凯特糖厂(日处理24000吨甘蔗)1.jpg


  • 印度尼西亚三林糖厂(日处理8000吨甘蔗)1.jpg


  • W020160804344810862328.jpg

    400,000t/a Bleached Kraft Pulp Plant Project in Belarus

  • U020160804363207506082.jpg

    Rehabilitation of Textile Factory in Sana’a, Yemen

  • W020160804362311213616.jpg

    Textile Factory in Sarlingyi, Myanmar

  • Thilawa Shipyard in Myanmar

  • W020160804345752608658.jpg

    Farm and Sideline Products Processing Equipment Manufacturer Industrial Park Project in Venezuela

  • 玻利维亚乌尤尼钾盐厂(年产35万吨,境外工程鲁班奖)1.jpg


  • U020160804366318139912.jpg

    Liquid Air Separation Equipment Project in Sudan

  • Tyre Plant in Myanmar

  • Gas-to-Coal Project of Cement Plant in Kant, Kyrgyzstan

  • W020160804346424904782.jpg

    Cement Plant in Baoare, Chad

  • W020160804347846353265.jpg

    Grinding Station in Yangiyul, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • 5,000t/d Cement Plant in Kyrgyzstan

  • W020160804355461312521.jpg

    Clinker Line Project in Bekobod, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

  • Cement Plant in Kyaukse, Myanmar

  • AS Clinker Grinding Plant in Ankara, Turkey

  • 135t/h Cement Grinding Station in Mardin, Turkey

  • 90 t/h Cement Grinding Station in Derik,Mardin, Turkey

  • Float Glass Plant in Myanmar

  • Reconstruction of glass bottle plant in Thanlyin, Myanmar


  • China National Machinery Industry Corporation
  • China IPPR International Engineering Co.,LTD
  • Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co.,LTD
  • CAMCE WHU Design & Research Co.,LTD
  • China Woteer Water Technology Co,.LTD
  • CAMCE Logistics Co.,LTD
  • China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery I/E Corporation
  • Procon Holdings Inc.

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