Architecture and Municipal Administration

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    Hospitals Construction Project in Ecuador

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    National Security System of Command and Control Civil Work Project in Ecuador

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    Ecuador Government’s Financial Management Platform Construction Project

  • Schools and Hospitals Construction Project in Angola

  • Port Machinery Supplier Project in Venezuela

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    "Mi Emergencia" Ambulances and Medical Equipment Supply Project in Ecuador

  • Outdoor Full Color Large LED Screen Project in Turkmenistan

  • 16,050-Line SPC Exchange Project in Bangladesh


  • China National Machinery Industry Corporation
  • China IPPR International Engineering Co.,LTD
  • Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co.,LTD
  • CAMCE WHU Design & Research Co.,LTD
  • China Woteer Water Technology Co,.LTD
  • CAMCE Logistics Co.,LTD
  • China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery I/E Corporation
  • Procon Holdings Inc.

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