Lifting Machinery

  • 生活垃圾、 污泥焚烧综合提升改扩建.jpg

    Comprehensive Reconstruction and Extension Engineering of Domestic Waste and Sludge Incineration

  • 水泥联合储库智能配料搬运系统.jpg

    Intelligent Batching and Handling System of Combined Cement Storage

  • 半自动、全自动秸秆起重机.jpg

    Semi-Automatic and Automatic Crane for Straws

  • 联合储库用全自动机械抓斗起重机(带载工作状态).jpg

    Automatic Mechanical Grab Crane for Combined Storage

  • 首个五台20t同跨运行的垃圾抓斗起重机.jpg

    First 5 sets of 20t Garbage Grab Cranes in Parrallel Operation

  • 高级半自动垃圾抓斗起重机(全进口配置).jpg

    Advanced Semi-Automatic Garbage Grab Crane (With Fully Imported Configuration)

  • 铜陵25t全自动垃圾抓斗起重机(国内最大吨位、国产首台全自动).jpg

    25t Automatic Garbage Grab Crane in Tongling (With the Largest Tonnage and the First Fully Automatic Crane Made in China)

  • 武汉20t远程操作自动控制垃圾抓斗起重机.jpg

    20t Automatic Remote Controlled Garbage Grab Crane in Wuhan

  • 东莞垃圾抓斗起重机.jpg

    Garbage Grab Crane in Dongguan


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