Automatic Logistics and Warehousing

  • 自动拆码垛机器人系统.jpg

    Automatic Robot Palletizer and Depalletizer

  • 智能制造物流仓储系统集成项目效果图.jpg

    Design Sketch of Intelligent Logistics and Warehousing

  • 有轨巷道堆垛机与托盘输送系统.jpg

    Storage/Retrieval Machine and Pallet Conveyor

  • 亚士创能涂料自动化立体库项目.jpg

    AS/RS Project of Asia Cuanon

  • 石药欧意自动化立体仓库项目.jpg

    AS/RS Project of CSPC

  • 上汽国际立体自动化仓库系统.jpg

    AS/RS Project of SAICMOTOR

  • 上海宜家奉贤二期自动化立体仓库.JPG

    AS/RS Project of IKEA Phase II, Fengxian, Shanghai

  • 千禾味业高架立体库项目.jpg

    Overhead AS/RS Project of Qianhe Condiment and Food Co., Ltd.

  • 磁控管新工厂物流系统总集成及相关服务项目多层穿梭车自动化立体库.jpg

    AS/RS with Multishuttles for Logistics System Integration Project and Related Services of New Magnetron Plant of Medea

  • 恒大冰泉立体库项目.jpg

    AS/RS Project of Evergrande Spring

  • 国药江阴天江制药新型高效的中医药物流配送中心.jpg

    New and Efficient Traditional Chinese Medicine Logistics Distribution Center of Tianjiang Pharmaceutical under SinoPharm

  • 多穿系统与箱输送分拣系统.jpg

    Multishuttle and Box Conveyor Sorting System


  • China National Machinery Industry Corporation
  • China IPPR International Engineering Co.,LTD
  • Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co.,LTD
  • CAMCE WHU Design & Research Co.,LTD
  • China Woteer Water Technology Co,.LTD
  • CAMCE Logistics Co.,LTD
  • China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery I/E Corporation
  • Procon Holdings Inc.

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