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At CAMCE, we believe that we are not just delivering a physical asset to our customers and communities, but also creating an enabling environmentthat will benefit all our stakeholders in the long term. 

Our work is guided by our commitment to the SASAC’s Guiding Opinions on Better Fulfilling Social Responsibilities of State-owned Enterprises and the SDGs. As part of the Sinomach Group, CAMCE is a participant in the United Nations Global Compact. We strive to not only improve our technical and economic performance of our work, but we aim to continuously improve our value-added to society. We also aim to minimise our environmental footprint wherever we go. 



Sustainability is the driving force in all that we do, as infrastructure is key to achieve success in the SDGs. Meaning we strive to achieve harmony between the social, environmental, and economic interests of the people that we interact with on a daily basis. 





  • China National Machinery Industry Corporation
  • China IPPR International Engineering Co.,LTD
  • Beijing Materials Handling Research Institute Co.,LTD
  • CAMCE WHU Design & Research Co.,LTD
  • China Woteer Water Technology Co,.LTD
  • CAMCE Logistics Co.,LTD
  • China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery I/E Corporation
  • Procon Holdings Inc.

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